We know how much you are worth, we know how much you deserve. We offer our staff the best jobs at the best possible rates. Act now!

You choose where and when to work. No minimum amount of hours. You are in control. No pressure. We are in demand; let’s make the best out of it.

We aim to develop enduring relationships with our clients, by providing highly professional and streamlined services at competitive prices.

We are committed to ensuring an outstanding service. Both our clients and staff’s loyalty remains the most reliable barometer of our success.

  • We'd love to express our appreciation for the efforts and services provided to our employees by Corporate Care. We had a lot of positive feedback regarding CC, the professionalism and the ease of booking. We would definitely like to utilise their services next year.–Christine S.

  • Corporate Care have been superb. I choose my roster around my lifestyle. Their customer service is great. They respond very quickly to my emails and go above and beyond to help.–Jasmine B,  Registered Nurse

  • It is a privilege to be part of Corporate Care Nursing agency Sydney. They are very helpful and supportive. They took into consideration my overseas experience as a Nurse and provided me with work within a couple of days. I wish Corporate Care all the best. –Pravina R.  Assistant in Nursing

  • I came back into the workforce after having a lengthy break to care for my child. I was a bit hesitant about starting back as an Agency Midwife but once I met the team at CC they put me at ease. The support I have had from Corporate Care has been unreal. I have loved working for them. There is no pressure and the difference I have found is that they really care about YOU and they will go that extra mile to make sure you are happy. I would recommend them to any Midwife who is considering working for an agency. –Lisa P. Registered Midwife



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We are a Nursing Agency in Sydney run by an enthusiastic and passionate group of Nurses.

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We “listen” to your needs. We take pride in doing our jobs well and helping our staff make the most of their careers.

We are in demand; let’s make the best out of it!


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Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers you can find, but it is also physically and emotionally demanding and draining.

We know how much more you deserve. Why? Because we are like you!

Follow the Nursing road to a Nursing Agency that cares and go the extra mile to help.

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