Onsite flu vaccination: a very wise investment.

Would you invest in onsite flu vaccination programs? You get up and go into the office everyday like a clock work. One morning you wake up feeling feverish, with chills, runny nose and a mild cough. What you do? You go to work. It happens to millions of corporate workers every year when flu season kicks in. There is a lot of pressure at work; KPI, goals to accomplish, meetings, peer pressure. You think you are doing the right thing by going to work but are you really? It is very common to see employees turning up to work regardless of their health condition. When looking at the bigger picture you are not doing any good at work. The flu spreads like a plague through corporate offices. Just think about how many of your colleagues you interact with on a daily basis. Flu can be the worst enemy in an open plan office.

The flu is extremely contagious. The flu costs employers  billions of dollars in sick leave and productivity. If you are a business owner preventative measures should be considered in order to protect you and your staff from the flu or influenza. There are tons of companies out there offering workplace flu vaccination services. These onsite flu vaccination programs are generally tailored to your business needs and are carried out in your premises.

Why onsite flu vaccination?

onsite flu vaccination

You may think it is a waste of money to have your staff vaccinated. Would these employee flu vaccination programs save me money?  On average people affected with influenza spends between 4-7 days off work. If the daily wage is $250, that’s already $1000 spend on sick leave, not counting lack of productivity, replacement of the staff, superannuation, etc.

When we invest money we all look at the ROI (return of investment) to make sure we are not throwing it away. With ROI of up to 400%, corporate flu vaccination services have proved to be a very wise investment. Having your employees vaccinated will help reduce absenteeism and doctor visits. Productivity will increase.  You are protecting your business, and showing your employees their health and wellness is important to you. Some corporate offices even go so far as to have not only the employee but the employee’s family vaccinated.

Flu vaccination is the first line of defense against the flu, it is recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation). These onsite flu vaccinations services are key to keeping your business running smoothly during flu season.


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