Onsite Flu vaccination

We offer Onsite Flu Vaccination services to help minimize absenteeism and increase productivity of your work force. As you may have seen during the past years, the winter month often brings the Flu along with it. This can lead to employees often taking days, and possibly weeks off work. The negative effect this can have on your business is detrimental and can affect your whole workforce. One of the worst scenarios is when an employee comes in sick, and proceeds to give the flu to several colleagues, who then pass it on more colleagues and so forth. Before you know it, your whole work force is suffering from the flu and your working capabilities are severely affected.

Employers who don’t currently offer onsite flu vaccination services are much more likely to feel the downside of the winter season. By offering vaccinations to your employers at low cost, you are helping them to remain productive and motivated through the months to come. In addition, you can also save your business money by investing in the process. As a result of your employees taking time off work, you could notice huge profit losses. By investing a small amount into hosting your own clinic, you are effectively saving money by increasing productivity. Additionally, you are also helping to prevent and reduce the many barriers that stop your workers from getting vaccinated.

Problems such as family commitments and lack of funds can often lead to employees not getting their seasonal jabs. Research shows that only a small minority of workers aged between 18 and 40 get an annual flu jab. With the flu being so easy to catch, it’s vital that you invest in an onsite flu vaccination session.

We deliver the most reliable onsite flu vaccination services in Sydney tailored to your needs.


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