With the influenza season approaching, many businesses are incorporating a staff flu vaccination program as part of their Health and Wellbeing Program. Of course, there is an important rationale financially behind a staff flu vaccination program. Being absent from work due to not getting the flu vaccination has cost Australian business owners more than $2.5 billion. Severe outbreaks pose a significant financial impact on a number of individual businesses.

Staff flu vaccination.

A staff flu vaccination is an excellent way to protect against the flu, but a good health program can reduce absenteeism by close to half, improve your productivity levels, raise the morale of staff and lead to a healthier and happier workforce. Major studies indicate that workplaces that offer a staff flu vaccination before the season sets in will see a far greater savings than what they ever spent on the flu shot – including the cost of the vaccination, administering it and the time spent administering it.

As effective as a staff flu vaccination can be alone, the program is viewed by staff as a plank along the way to a complete program for implementing improvements in the health of the employee. These Health and Wellness programs develop a strategic approach to the health of employees that can include: health, nutrition and lifestyle seminars, regular health and physical assessments and participation in fitness programs.

Staff flu vaccinationThe health programs aim to develop an awareness to deliver a holistic solution for balancing life. Responsible managers want to make sure their corporate money is being used appropriately, so they implement strategies that let them monitor their wellness and health outcomes. Regular assessments are a great way to build data around the programs and track the benefits that come from the investment.

As a rapidly growing company in Sydney, Australia, Corporate Care brings a fresh approach to the flu vaccine, health assessments and pre-employment screening for the workplace. Unique, ground-breaking services abound for businesses in Sydney,Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane and beyond for this flu vaccination provider.

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