We are Corporate Care, a provider of onsite employee flu vaccination solutions for enterprises in Sydney and its environs. Providing your staff members with onsite flu shots has much to recommend it, including a reduction in the number of sick days and enhanced long-term productivity. Offering flu vaccinations also demonstrates your commitment to your staff’s well-being.

Corporate Care’s specialist flu vaccination Sydney services are tailored for businesses. Our program is flexible and adaptable, able to meet the needs of any size business regardless of your location. Wherever you are, we can provide you with consistent and professional flu vaccination Sydney services.

Flu vaccination SydneyCorporate Care’s flu vaccination Sydney program is operated by professionals in the healthcare field and meets all legislation covering the purchase and administration of influenza vaccines, both at a state and federal level. We operate in accordance with all legal requirements governing the appropriate use of Medicare for the employment of registered doctors and nurses endorsed for specialist flu vaccination services. No rebate is payable via Medicare with respect to employer-initiated influenza vaccine programs.


To learn more about our Sydney or Australia wide workplace flu vaccination services or to discover more about how onsite influenza prevention services can help your business, call now on 1300 79 74 10. Our helpful co-coordinators will answer any questions you may have and can book company flu jab programs nationwide. Find out how you can protect your company from the effects of flu today.