Flu Vaccination Northern Territory – NT

Corporate Care offers flu vaccinations for employees in the Northern Territory – NT (Darwin and surrounding areas) to help prevent unplanned absences and improve work productivity. Our specialists are trained, professional and experienced in offering workplace flu vaccinations at your convenience. To facilitate the flu vaccination process and your work, employees can return to their normal work routines after their flu or influenza shot. If employees miss the onsite flu vaccination there are partner clinics or pharmacists which are conveniently located to offer the service at other times. This ensures that all your employees are immunised if they were absent during employee flu vaccination or they were unable to attend the clinic.


If you would like to find out more about employee flu vaccinations, please book an appointment. Some of the reasons why you should book an appointment include:

  • We offer free marketing and promotional material to encourage your employees to get involved
    Flu Vaccination Northern Territory - NT

                 Workplace flu vaccination Northern Territory – NT

  • Online bookings make it convenient and fast
  • Complete project management: we take care of everything for you
  • We provide a team of specialist immunisation nurses who have vast experience in vaccinations
  • One simple invoice includes the use of an offsite partner clinic to vaccinate some or all of your employees using Corporate Care’s Flu vouchers.
  • We follow World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations to ensure you receive appropriate and timely flu vaccines


It is highly recommended that you receive the latest flu vaccine to be protected against all forms of flu strains. The main reason behind this is because a new strain of flu emerges every year. Therefore, to protect your employees all year round, you need to get the latest flu vaccination – Corporate Care can help you with this.

Our health practitioners are professional, ethical and friendly in every way ensuring efficient dispensation of the flu vaccine at work. Please contact us for more information on flu shots in the Northern Territory (Darwin, Alice Springs and surroundings).

Would you like to find out how flu vaccinations can benefit your business, or get a customised quote for your organisation? We are happy to answer all your questions, provide opinion and clarification, and offer you a free quote. Contact Corporate Care at your convenience on 1300 79 74 10.