Southbank Corporate Flu Vaccination services

A number of Southbank’s businesses choose Corporate Care as their employee health service provider. Our company knows that good health prevents absenteeism and improves the overall productivity of the company. We have dedicated specialists who give Flu shots and some vaccination services in Southbank and its neighbourhoods. Our teams give onsite Flu vaccination so that the employees can quickly return to their duties. Flu shots at work are a convenient way of vaccinating your employees.

Another way of obtaining our services involve your employees visiting our convenient partner pharmacists and clinics. This is particularly helpful for employees that unable to attend the flu clinic at work on the day. Here is why you need to book an appointment with us:

Our project management plan is complete and caters for everything

  • Corporate Care offers free promotional and marketing materials for the convenience of everyone
  • Free online bookings
  • We make only one invoice which can be easily interpreted. This remains the case even if you decide to pick an offsite partner pharmacist or clinic
  • A competent team of practitioners with many years of experience in the field of vaccination
  • Our Flu vaccines are up-to-date and recommended by WHO (World Health Organization).
  • Our company closely follows every new WHO recommendations to ensure that your employees appropriate and timely vaccines
Southbank in Melbourne. Workplace flu vaccination

Workplace flu vaccination within the Southbank area in Melbourne

Influenza viruses can evolve in a gradual way through mutations. This is the reason why your employees need to receive the latest version of the vaccine to protect them from the recommended strains.

Our team of practitioners is highly professional and ready to carry out the vaccine exercise efficiently. They are friendly and dedicated to the whole process. We are impressed to provide our healthcare services to your workplace.

For any information concerning flu shots at work within Southbank – Melbourne, please contact us.



Are intending to procure employee flu vaccinations? Do you want to know the benefits of flu vaccinations on your business? Do you want to know more about the customized quotation? Reach us through 1300 79 74 10 and find more or simply fill out the below form.