How long does the Flu Vaccine last?

One of the frequently asked questions we get at Corporate Care is how long flu vaccines typically last. After receiving a flu shot, effectivity wanes within a period of 6-12 months, which explains why employee flu vaccinations are all-important in any organisation. Yearly flu shots offer the best way to acquire ongoing protection, so don’t think twice, especially with those myths about flu you might have heard.

Moreover, influenza viruses are constantly changing and flu vaccines are updated accordingly. New vaccines have at least one influenza strain added onto the formulation to effectively protect against the most predominant strains, pertaining to those predicted to be in circulation by the WHO (World Health Organisation) for the upcoming flu season.

We often get asked when is best to get the flu jab. Our response is “make sure you get jabbed”, and then if you can or have the option, get the flu shot in April or May. We recommend flu vaccinations at work to be administered in autumn, right before the onset of winter when the flu season reaches its peak. A timely immunisation is key to effectively combat the flu’s adverse effects on business and worker health. Happy employees are most productive and motivated to give their best performance.

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